Axial Floor Drying Fan

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Introducing an even more compact floor drying axial fan that offers the performance and versatility that surpasses any other mini drying utility fan on the market.
The Kennedy Axial Floor Drying Fan will allow you to get back on your mats and surfaces quickly and safely.
This portable axial fan uses a traditional design rather than a blower wheel to move air. This is best suited for high CFM (cubic feet per minute) applications such as general area drying, general ventilation, and cooling.
· Unique grille design quietly delivers directional airflow 
· 4-speed operating switch
· On-board power outlets to daisy chain
· Durable, compact, stackable, lightweight housing
· Heavy Duty Wrap-Around Cord Design 
· Easy portability with Grab-N-Go Handle
Down draft capability dries surfaces and sub-surfaces upwards to 70 feet in diameter.
High torque motor provides a continuous flow of air to shorten drying times.
The Kennedy Axial Floor Drying Fan can be daisy chained together and produce 1100-1300 CFM (cubic feet per minute) to efficiently dry floors and mats.