Mat Clean-Up Kit

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Mat Clean-Up Kit Contains: One Quart and One Gallon of Kennedy MTR Mat Tape Remover, One Gallon of Deep Clean II, One Proportion Aid, and One Gallon of KenClean Plus.  
  • Kennedy MTR Mat Tape Remover takes up mat tape residue quickly with no noxious odors
  • Deep Clean II uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to oxidize built up soil and stains and brighten your mats
  • Our handy Proportion Aid screws onto your gallon container allowing for easy and accurate measuring
  • And Kenclean Plus is a hospital use disinfectant/cleaner that kills the germs athletes need killed

That's a savings of over $35 if you were to buy each product separately!


For MTR safety data sheet, click here.

For Deep Clean II safety data sheet, click here.

For KenClean Plus efficacy data sheet, click here.