Sport Delux with Tea Tree Oil Hair and Body Cleanser

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Kennedy Sport Delux is super concentrated and produces voluminous lather to clean and revitalize your skin after a workout, wrestling meet or other strenuous activity. Not just another “soap” which can dry skin (increasing the risk of skin problems). Fortified with Tea Tree and Rosemary essential oils for their anti-inflammatory properties in relieving the discomfort of itchy and dry skin. 
Good hygiene is of utmost importance to those in demanding sports like wrestling and martial arts. And showering with a product that will keep you clean and moisturized should be a big part of any athlete’s hygiene protocol. Let Sport Hair and Body help you keep your skin and hair looking their best!

Product directions:
Apply the cleanser to a wet washcloth, shower sponge or directly onto the palm of your hand. Gently wash using the rich, creamy lather that is produced. Rinse thoroughly.